Seggiano Baked Fig Ball (For Cheezeboards) 200g


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This baked fig ball adds an authentic and tasty touch to any vegan cheezeboard.

From Cosenza, Calabria, in southern Italy, the fig ball is a traditional and ingenious way of preserving the juicy Dottato variety of figs that are unique to this region.

The figs are picked from the tree when they are well matured, and then they are dried and slowly cooked in their own juices. Shaped into balls and beautifully wrapped in fig leaves, they are slow baked to allow that stunning flavour to prevail.

  • Traditional handmade Calabria speciality
  • Perfect for cheese boards
  • Rich, liquorice caramel flavours
  • Vegan - it's just figs


Baked And Dried Dottato Figs (100%).

Allergen Information:
This product is free from the main 14 allergens.

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Store in a cool, dark place.
Once opened keep wrapped in fridge and eat within two weeks.