Benevo Vegan Puppy Food (2kg)


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Benevo puppy original is a nutritionally complete and balanced puppy food formulated by professional animal nutritionists to meet the needs of growing, healthy pups of all breeds. With 28% protein and added calcium, our unique wheat-free and GM-free recipe, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, is also a great hypo-allergenic alternative food for pups with wheat or meat sensitivities. Includes taurine and l-carnitine supplements, added pre-biotic FOS to help aid digestion and Yucca extract to help reduce odours. Multi-language, foil-fresh packaging (EN, de, for, it, ES). vegetarian Society and vegan Society UK approved product. Peta approved brand. Made in the UK.

COMPLETE VEGAN PUPPY DRY FOOD. Benevo puppy dog food contains all the nutrients a puppy needs including a wide range of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, without the need for slaughterhouse meat. Also contains Prebiotic FOS to help digestion.

SENSITIVE PUPPY FOOD. Our wheat free, meat free and dairy free recipe is free from common allergens including meat proteins and wheat gluten making it suitable for puppies with a sensitive tummy.

SMALL AND LARGE BREED PUPPY FOOD. Benevo dried puppy food is formulated to meet the European nutritional levels set out by FEDIAF making it suitable for most dog breeds. Just follow the feeding guidelines provided.

IS MEAT FREE DOG FOOD NATURAL? Puppies and dogs are classed as omnivores, so like humans, they can survive and thrive on a plant-based diet too. Studies suggest dogs split from wolves around 20,000-40,000 years ago and they were domesticated between 15,000-30,000 year ago. So they have lived with humans co-existing on the same foods ever since. So yes, professional meat-free food for dogs is fine and as natural as giving them a name, buying them birthday presents and having them on a lead :)

WHY YOU'RE THE BEST! Buying Benevo is a choice for a better World, that makes you our hero! As for us: Made in the UK, Benevo Puppy has kept 1000's of puppies across the World happy and healthy for the last 15 years. Vegan Society UK and Vegetarian Society UK Approved. PETA approved cruelty-free brand. Vegan owned company with an ethical company score of 100/100 every year since 2016.