Benevo Organic Carob & Cinnamon Dog Cake Mix


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DOG BIRTHDAY CAKE MIX | A delicious Dog Chocolate (Carob) and Cinnamon Cake with Organic Coconut flavoured frosting. An extra special doggy treat for the extra special companion.

QUALITY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS | Certified Organic dog cake for dogs. Free-from wheat gluten, no GM ingredients, no added sugar or salt. No artificial colours or flavours. Hypoallergenic treat for dogs with a sensitive tummy. Certified vegan recipe.

ADD YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH | The dog cake mix allows pet parents to add their dogs favourite biscuits or treats to the cake. For example blueberrys and cranberries in the main cake mix or maybe linseed or kibble or grated cheese toppings. Add carrot or bread stick candles for birthday cake for dogs.

IDEAL DOG PRESENT, GIFT OR TREAT | The Benevo organic dog cake mix is ideal as birthday presents for dogs, or as a seasonal treat, like Christmas, or as a post litter or post operation celebration. A great gift or reward for your dog.

EASY TO MAKE AND BAKE | Our unique vegan recipe only requires mixing in water and oil. It's suitable for microwaves (approx 4 minutes) or baking (approx 15mins). Please note: It's a single portion and not designed to replace a dog's main complete food that day.

  • Certified Organic ingredients
  • Wheat gluten free formulation
  • Soya-Free recipe
  • Non- GMO Ingredients
  • No Added Sugar or Salt
  • No Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Vegetarian Society Approved & Not tested on animals.