Benevo Adult Original Vegetarian Cat Food (2kg)


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‘Animal friendly animal foods’ - Benevo Cat food solves the ethical dilemma faced by people who care for their pets but don’t want to harm other animals.

Since 2005, Benevo’s award winning vegan pet foods have provided healthy and ethical alternatives, with no compromise on nutrition. With professionally formulated plant-based recipes, these nutritionally complete foods contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins required for the good health and well-being of cats.

Tailor made to meet the special requirements of naturally carnivorous cats, Benevo Vegan Adult Cat Food is an excellent, entirely meat-free option.

NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE VEGAN CAT FOOD. Benevo Cat contains all the nutrients an adult cat needs, including a wide range of vitamins (including A, B, D, E, K), essential fatty acids and taurine, without the need for slaughterhouse meat. Although obligate carnivores in the wild, domestic cats still need nutrients they would normally source from prey. Thankfully Benevo Cat contains all those nutrients in a bioavailable kibble.

TRIED AND TESTED. Benevo Cat is a professional cat food, created by Benevo in 2005, formulated and checked by independent animal nutritionists to meet the AAFCO(USA) and FEDIAF(Europe) guidelines for animal nutrition.

FORMULATED TO MEET CATS NEEDS. Benevo Cat contains a prebiotic FOS to aid digestion and boost absorption of nutrients. Omega Oils, important for skin, fur, joints, circulation, immunity, vision and brain function. Taurine - a special non-animal taurine, essential for a healthy cat. Spirulina, a well known 'super food' providing a rich source of nutrients and Yucca extract, a natural ingredient which may help to reduce faecal odour by binding with ammonia.

IS IT NATURAL? It's as natural as living with cat, talking to a cat, taking it to a Vet and buying it food from the supermarket. Domestic cats are not wild animals and have access to all the same food sources their companion owners have. Like us, cats can live happily without meat, they can't live without nutrients. 15 years of use by 1000's of cats is living proof our recipe works.