The Cheeky Panda Eco Friendly 3ply Bamboo Toilet Paper Rolls (4pk)


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Buy Eco Friendly & Sustainable Toilet Tissue Paper made from 100% Bamboo.

Our Naked Roll boxes have as least packaging as possible - just a recyclable cardboard box & loo rolls. Plastic free packaging for easy storage.

Bamboo is Awesome. Using this magical grass, we use 65% less Carbon emissions than if we were using trees - reducing deforestation! We source our bamboo from FSC Certified forests, and NO, the pandas don't go hungry - they eat another type of bamboo.

Key Features

  • Made from Eco Friendly Bamboo
  • Strong 3ply & Super Absorbent
  • Natural formula with no nasty chemicals
  • 100% Plastic Free Product & Packaging
  • Vegan Certified with the Vegan Society

Disposal & Recycling

-Toilet Roll Core can be recycled
-Paper Packaging can be recycled