Navitas Organics - Organic Goji Berries 227g


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A modern superfood with an ancient history, goji berries have been used as a healing food in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. Through our organic cultivation and minimal processing methods, Navitas Organics Goji Berries retain these ancient health benefits, serving as a great source of dietary fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. They provide 140% daily value of vitamin A per serving!

Organically grown, Navitas Organics Goji Berries are gently dried with no added sugar, sulfites or anything else. With a delightfully chewy texture and mildly sweet taste, Navitas Organics Goji Berries are a perfect swap for your everyday dried fruit. Easily add these dried berries to cereal, oatmeal, smoothie bowls, yogurt, trail mix, baking recipes, and more!

  • Rich in antioxidants (vitamin A)
  • Mildly sweet & savory
  • Unsulfured & gently dried
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher


Certified organic goji berries (Lycium barbarum).

Allergen Information:
This product is free from the main 14 allergens.

Disclaimer: Whilst we make every effort to ensure this information is 100% accurate, we cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies. If unsure, please contact our team and we’ll verify this for you.


Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place.